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It is said that it is difficult for Chinese entrepreneurs to live for three years, and ten years is even more amazing. It is not an exaggeration to describe it with "a peach and a spring breeze, a decade of rain in the rivers and lakes." Today's social development, especially the development of the Internet, can be said to be a short-term, fast-moving market economy. Such as: sharing bicycles, financial investment platform has been violent. However, China's Internet progress is a bloody hurricane brought by the e-commerce platform.

E-commerce has become an old industry now, and it is no longer a new thing.


According to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics, by the end of 2018, China’s total retail sales of consumer goods reached 38 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9%. China’s market transaction volume has exceeded 900 billion. From the data point of view, e-commerce should be a field of sustainable growth.

From the perspective of market players, at present, China's e-commerce dominant position is: Alibaba, Jingdong, fight a lot, Vipshop, Suning Tesco and so on. And foreign e-commerce platforms in the domestic field: Amazon, EBay, etc. of which Amazon lost China.

From the perspective of market allocation, Alibaba and JD.com occupy a large market share. JD.com is self-operated and distributes its own logistics system. The electronic home appliance industry accounts for a major share. The remaining share of the e-commerce sector seems to be small, and it is equally fierce and has great benefits.

Driven by the interests, there have been a number of dark horses in the electric commerce. It is a lot of fights. It is a lot of money to create a new shopping tide for e-commerce. Although it is not a new way of shopping, it is a stimulus and interaction for e-commerce. Sex, of course, is also a headache, and it’s been pulled by people. The second is the Vipshop, which pays attention to the brand and quality, and creates an exclusive market for itself. Suning Tesco purchases the home appliance market; Xiaohongshu women's field market and other lurkers, waiting for a bite to take up a larger market share.

xxWith the continuous development of e-commerce, the emergence of short-video social and other types of e-commerce, only to a small extent to change the situation, showing diversified development, today's headlines under the blushing, become the largest network red incubation platform . The new e-commerce model is open and is currently only a small change. Taobao live, net red with goods, headline their own e-commerce platform. Behavioral big data applications bring new developments to e-commerce.


Through the behavioral data collection brings new changes in the e-commerce field, the relationship between people and things is more clear. One of the mainstream relations between people and things, accounting for 1/3, is a unity of contradictions. On the road of unity, there are naturally high-level people writing.

Big data better analyzes the consumer's market economy. It can be said where the consumer is and where the market is. Not long ago, Vipshop and the Southern Metropolitan Data Research Institute released《中国社会新人消费报告》, the report from the current population characteristics, consumer behavior and consumer trends and other aspects of the analysis (the six major image of the young consumer group in the online shopping era), found that contemporary young people consume The track has the following characteristics:

After the 90s, it became the main consumer of today's society. According to data from the sixth national census, the total number of people after 90 is 188 million, accounting for 14.1% of the country's total population. They have a strong willingness to spend, Nielsen《2018年第四季度中国消费趋势指数报告》shows that the willingness to consume after the 90s is 63 points, while the willingness to consume in the same period after the 80s is only 60 points, 54 points after 70 and 60.

In addition, according to the survey data, “good quality” and “high cost performance” are the two most important factors in the purchasing power. 68.53% of the post-90s purchases focus on quality, and 65.6% focus on cost.

Second, the current young consumer group summed up six typical images:

1) Save money for graduate students: the more money there is, the more experts. Because of the limited income, I learned to buy and buy, and I am good at finding the cost-effective goods.



4)非典型的工作场所人口:越正面越不受欢迎。 47.16%的新人工作在首选休闲风格,“泰正经”职业套装被抛弃,个性化和舒适的服装受到新人的青睐。



第三,青年群体呈现出以研究为基础的消费特征,消费多元化,有自己的观点。 90年代以后,社会新人具有较高的识字率和高度对称的消费信息。他们热衷于研究消费过程中的价格和产品功效。追求最终性价比的“聪明消费者”和“专家消费者”是研究型消费的主要消费者。

根据唯品会的大数据,他们热衷于添加小家电,专业和功能性的集成产品是最受欢迎的。除了网上的“颜值控制”外,2017年以来美容设备的销量也呈爆炸性增长,2018年六线城市美容设备的增长率居首位。它也是“娱乐迷”,电子产品在90后社会中存在着“至少一个新人”。 90年后,移动电话和耳机在社会中占据了一两个电子数字产品的销售额。更重要的是,当他们选择购买时,他们更加自信,“净红色商品”被削弱,更多人相信公众口口相传。










品质,质量。 “质量保证”是品牌销售模式的生命线,包括真品和优质服务等多种含义。唯品会将采取十项保障和九项质量控制措施等十项措施。它从供应链,质检,物流,售后等环节入手,严格控制正品,并要求追溯整个服务质量。

“Brand sale” is not a traditional big sale model. It means selling special items at a special price at a special time. Driven by consumption upgrades and supply-side reforms, we will address the pain points of the market, communicate the two ends of supply and demand, fully empower the supply side and the demand side, and stimulate the sustainable development business model of new consumption forces.

Regarding the strategy, on the surface, it corresponds to the general direction of category upgrade and brand upgrade. The essence behind it is the insight into the changes in user consumption behavior and the iteration of consumer groups.

Saying goodbye to the golden decade, social thoughts have returned from material to spiritual.



Different models in the same field, new models may bring new opportunities or subversion. A lot of spelling and bargaining mode, Jingdong self-operated perfect shopping system, Vipshop's brand sale, Alibaba's all-encompassing, and new e-commerce byte beats today's headline content marketing, Suning Tesco's home appliance line Up and down the field, etc. No matter which way you need to innovate, subvert the existing model to drive existing consumption and new exciting points.

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